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It was late in the morning when Yuuji rushed down into the subway system, aiming to catch a train and get to work on time. His day so far had not gone so well, and he doubted it'd get much better. For starters, he'd overslept, then he discovered his shirts were in the wash. By the time he'd gotten one dry, and dressed himself in his grey suit, he had to leave, leaving him without breakfast.
And now he's missed his train. In fact, the only train that could get him to work even close to on time would be one of the women only trains- trains consisting of a carriage that was jammed full of men, and several carriages that only women were permitted to enter.
It was a sexist system and everyone knew it- there were specialising female trains, but no men-only trains or carriages. The only reason that no man entered a woman only car, was that no man was ever heard of to have been in one. He could think of anyone, and there had never been any talk of a man going on one. But it was only superstition. Assuring himself of this, he pushed his way through the masses at the station and forced himself into a women-only car, where the door closed after him immediately.
Looking around he saw that the carriage wasn't at all as he had expected. He had expected it to be the same as the other carriages, but just filled with women. In reality however, it was much cleaner, more spacious, and had a very different layout.
Bringing his attention back to the fore, he saw a slim woman in a yellow dress glaring at him.
"Miyuki, what about- " The lady 'Miyuki' was talking to stopped, turned her eyes to him, and joined Miyuki in her gazing. Soon, the entire carriage was glaring at him with expressions of disgust, hate and revoltion, their eyes piercing him.
"You'll pay for your Mistake." Was all Miyuki stated, before the women all seemed to swarm around him in a sea of brown hair, hands grabbing at him and tugging violently.

With an unatural strength and desxterity, Yuuji was quickly restrained, and somehow the women had gathered scissors, and were now cutting at his fringe, even as he attempted to tilt his head out of the way.
"I-I'm Sorry-" He began, attempting to be forgiven for trespassing, but it seemed that his plea fell on deaf ears.
He felt the cold metal of hairpins no his scalp. The trains began moving, but the many female hands didn't slow in the slightest. "Please stop- I'm sorry; I'll get right off the train'" He tried again, but to no avail.
He felt string tied around his neck, which in turn he realised was tied to one of the ceiling supports. Unbeknownst to him, his hair had been styled into an up-do, and only a ginger hair hanging before his eyes alerting him to his hair no longer being brown.
He had to close his eyes as the hands moved onto his face, somehow all working together to give him false long lashes and a thick mascara, put plenty of bright red lipstick on his lips, and thouroughly cover his face in make-up, a very strong blusher highlighting his cheeks.
The only thing preventing mistake being the women-only car's superior suspension.
In just a few minutes, his once boyish face had become an epitomy of feminimity. The train hadn't stopped, and a sinking feeling in his stomach told him it wouldn't.
"I'm sorry, I'll get off at the next stop, I'll never get on the train again. I'm sorry! Please takes the ropes off." he whimpered, but he recieved no reply aside from the womens' contiued jeering.

At some inaudible signal, all the hands left his face and shifted down his body onto his chest, where he was stripped of his tie and half-clean shirt. While some women attacked his armpits with razors, a few others brought a bright pink bra to his chest, at which point he blanched, barely visible below the many layers of make-up. He let out a breath in resignation as the straps on the frilly bra were done up.
"I'm sorry! I'll never get on the train again. Please just take the pink bra off!" He choked out, already knowing the inevitability of his request. He shook his head, and his new hairdo followed, swaying after his head,
The women then untied him from the ceiling support, and dragged his arms behind his back, where they were then tied again to his body as it rested against a barrier. The women dropped to their knees, a brought their razors to bear on his legs. When all his bodily hair was on the floor, his legs seemed so smooth that it'd be unnatural to have hair on them.
"Please stop; this is horrible and you've made my legs smooth- " His pleading tapered off into disjuncted phrases and sentences.
At present point. He looked incredibly female.

Being presently naked, he realised with dread the only logical step forwards, which was confirmed when a purple-shirted lady guided his immobilised legs into a pair of black stockings, with a ring of pink frill and fluff at the top, at mid thigh height.
"Please! Please don't put stockings on me!" Yuuji cried, despite the stockings having already been fully dragged up his smooth legs, sending falsely pleasent signals through his body. Whatever he intended to say next was never heard because he forgot to use his mouth, and so his anguish stayed bottled up in his own head.
Before he realised it, he was facing a canister of GLN, and though what GLN was eluded him, the metal hose entering his rear didn't. Nor did the needles penetrating both his nipples and both his glutes, as well as the beetlish object now firmly gripping his groin.
He became aware of what GLN was soon thereafter as it began pumping into his rectum, forcing his hips wide open, pumping into his chest, giving him false breasts, and into his butt-cheeks giving him a large firm rear end.
His body was momentarily taken over by pleasure as the cold gel entered the various holes in his body, but the swelling of his nipples alerted him to female hormoned entering his body in bulk load.
He still hadn't felt anything from his groin- including any signal it was still there.
He wouldn't be able to go back after this! His body would keep these feminine curves forever! He couldn't leave the train in this state!
The pipes and various other tubes were removed from his body, leaving clear skin where they had been.
Then Miyuki grabbed the beetle-like object on his groin, removing it with a sharp yank, revealing that her cock was GONE! The was a hole there! A BLEEDING CLIT!
Her breath was caught, even as the women slipped lacy pink panties onto her legs, covering her shame, pulling a tight red dress up her body, curving her back, and removing the hand that had been pinching her breast.
All of a sudden the women began talking again.
She could only make out vague words, but by the gist of it, they intended her to be an office lady, that they would force off at the next stop, though she couldn't tell where that was, because the train hadn't stopped once yet. There was also comments on the size of her breasts and arse. They had also called her Yuuko; how ironic that they'd pick a name so similar to what hers was.

When she was fully clothed, in the short-skirted, low collared red dress, and matching shiny heels, golden hoops earings and white bead necklace, the train stopped, revealing her usual station.
She couldn't go out there! People would recognise her! She'd never live it down! But she had to go to work of she'd be fired! Letting others make the choice for her, she was pushed out of the carriage, even as the door closed and the train left.
She felt a breeze up her skirt, teasing her new pair of lips, and immediately blushed deeper than the make-up on her face.
She took a taintative step forwards, feeling dozens of eyes on her reconfigured body, gazing at her perky rear and generous chest. Noticing the way in which she was walking, she attempted to reduce the amount of hip-swinging, but inevitably fell back into it, stretching the skirt as she went.
Deciding to get it over and done with, she rushed towards her work.
Turning a corner, she finally caught a glimpse of what she looked like, and immediately felt herself getting wet, discomforting her, but not improving her situation.
She clinched her eys shut, refusing to look at the female-looking body, and continued on her way.

Upon arriving at work, there was immediately gossip and whispers. Common words she picked out were tranny and cross-dresser.
She felt so embarassed, but continued her work anyway, attemping to ignore the cold treatment she was receiving.
It was in the toilets that things truly went downhill. Upon urinating the wrong way and making a mess, one of the male workers entered and slapped her arse. She gasped slightly, before continuing her clearing.
The man, noticing this reaction, began to poke her in the bum, while she attempted to ignore him.
He remained quiet, but snickered as he dove into her skirt and pressed right up into her panties, pressing his finger into her anus. She squirmed, but this only led to the mans discovery of her new vagina.

Several minutes later, she emerged from the toilets bedraggled, and feeling violated, but unable to do anything about it. Sitting down at her desk, she discovered a note stating that she had been relocated to the copier. And the copier alone. It did help that there was nothing stating a reduction in pay, but it was still demeaning. Over the course of the day several of the female employees suggested to 'him' what he could wear next, or do next.
At the end of the day, she went home on a normal train, close to tears, and went straight to bed without eating again.

When morning came, she dressed in her normal suit, hoping to look as male as possible, but her seemingly permanent make-up and naturally puffy lips, as well as her curvy and generous proportions belied any attempt she made.
Upon getting to the station, she discovered that her train was mysteriously cancelled. And she'd have to take the women-only train; but at least she fit the catagory now anyway.
Unfortunately this led to her being stripped again by Miyuki, an being dressed in a frilly light blue buttoned lady's dress, with more cleavage and puffed shoulders, with an even tighting skirt and thin white stockings.
Her face was given new lipstick, a pinker colour, new earings, and a new hairstyle, complimented by a new darker brown.
Her wardrobe change didn't go un-noticed, however, and the female workers began spending her lunchtimes redressing her as they saw fit, in often outlandish clothes, like a cheap idol might wear. Sometime they'd even 'forget' to put a bra on her, making her large nipples show through whatever she was wearing at the time.

"I want to get back to the way things were! If I stay like this, I'll start talking and acting like a woman..."
Unfortunately for Yuuji, she would forever remain Yuuko, the office trans-sexual.
A story I quickly shoved together that provides a bit more elaboration on Milda7's orignal story.

Contains TG and some other adultish themes. High mature content rating to be safe :/
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2.Someone does captions of story (English) and uses Milda7's name.
3.I write story about the captions/original pictures.
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